Insight Works
September 25 & 26, 2024 | Toronto Canada

Unlocking the Potential of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Join us for TechWorks 2024, an immersive conference dedicated to Insight Works resellers, VARs, and end-users. This event offers a deep dive into the technical aspects of Insight Works’ Dynamics 365 Business Central applications, mainly focusing on Manufacturing and Distribution.

TechWorks 2024 is structured to empower attendees with technical knowledge for efficient app deployment. It provides valuable content for VARs looking to broaden their portfolio and for end-users managing their Business Central environment.

The event will highlight Insight Works’ products like Warehouse Insight, Dynamics Ship, Shop Floor Insight, MxAPS, Product Configurator, and more. Attendees can expect technical training, discussions, and Q&As to enhance their understanding of the Insight Works apps.

TechWorks 2024 is an opportunity for shared growth and learning within our community. Join us to explore the potential of our applications for your organization and boost productivity within the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.

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Banyan Technology

Where is TechWorks 2024?

Vantage Venues
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When is TechWorks 2024?

Wednesday, September 25 &
Thursday, September 26, 2024

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Why Attend TechWorks 2024?


Technical Understanding

Master the intricate technical details of our suite of applications and learn how to best deploy and manage these solutions within your organization.


Application Deployment

Gain hands-on knowledge on deploying Insight Works’ apps such as Warehouse Insight, Dynamics Ship, Shop Floor Insight, MxAPS, Product Configurator, and more.


Extension Techniques

Learn how to customize and extend the functionality of our apps to meet specific business needs and to improve efficiency and productivity.


Latest Features & Updates

Stay updated with our solutions’ latest features and enhancements to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits from your deployed apps.


Learn Best Practices

Learn from our experts about the best practices in deploying, managing, and extending our applications to ensure optimal performance and results.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers and industry leaders to exchange ideas, experiences, and insights, further enriching your understanding of our applications and their practical use.

Expert Presenters

The Insight Works Team & Technical Presenters

Tim D

Solutions Architect

Ray T

Senior Developer

Matthew M

Software Developer

Mark H

Solutions Architect

Erik G

Product Consultant

Caleb A

Product Consultant

Nathan S

Product Consultant

Laurie O

Product Consultant

Marcel L

Client Services

Melonie W

Partner Success Manager

Sessions for Consultants, Integrators, Developers, and End Users

What You Can Expect

Detailed agenda to be posted when it becomes available.

Business Track
Optimizing Operations with Insight Works

Explore essential operations enhancements through Insight Works apps, integrated seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Business Central. This track offers insights into apps for operational excellence, utilizing custom barcodes for efficiency and strategies for dynamic shipping solutions. Perfect for those looking to streamline processes and enhance productivity through innovative app solutions.

Consulting Track
Deployment Strategies with Insight Works

Aimed at consultants, this track delves into deploying Insight Works solutions to maximize business value. Focus on effective warehousing solutions, dynamic shipping extensions, production scheduling, time tracking, and practical implementation strategies. Gain expertise in guiding businesses through their transformation journey with Insight Works and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Development Track
Extending Functionality with Insight Works

For developers, this track emphasizes customizing and extending the capabilities of Insight Works apps within Dynamics 365 Business Central. From developing extensions for Warehouse Insight to integrating advanced barcode solutions, this track covers the technical skills needed to innovate and enhance app functionality for business needs.

Join us in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Embrace the Canadian Spirit!

Not Your Average Conference Venue

At TechWorks 2024 in Vantage Venues, you’ll feel elevated and inspired, surrounded by breathtaking views of Toronto’s skyline. This innovative, spacious setting fosters your creativity and collaboration, igniting a sense of possibility. With high-end tech and world-class culinary delights, your experience will be seamless and engaging, leaving you energized and ready to innovate.

Experience the Canadian Advantage

Join us in Toronto, the heart of Canada’s vibrant culture and diversity. This bustling city offers the perfect setting for innovation and exploration. From the iconic CN Tower to the picturesque Great Lakes, Canada’s landscape inspires connection and discovery. Let the spirit of Canada—kindness, inclusivity, and innovation—fuel your experience at TechWorks 2024.

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